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Some Important Preparation Details You Should Not Forget

Last minute preparation for the NCLEX does not necessarily translate to last minute cramming. In fact, if you’re prepared for the NCLEX, then you shouldn’t be cramming at all.

You’ve been studying and applying nursing concepts and principles for several years. You’ve been reviewing for several months. You’ve followed study guides and tips. You’ve thoroughly practiced and you’re prepared. Or are you?

Checklist: Have You Accomplished the Following?

If you think you’ve completely primed yourself mentally, step back a bit and check if you’re eligible to take the NCLEX.

  • Have you already applied for a nursing license from your state board?
  • Have you reviewed the NCLEX Examination Candidate Bulletin?
  • Have you registered with the testing service of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing through phone or mailed registration form?
  • Have you received an Authorization to Take the Test (ATT) and a list of testing centers and instructions on how to schedule an appointment to take the NCLEX?
  • Have you paid the examination fee?

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, make sure you sort out that task or all these months of reviewing will be in vain.

A Few Days before the NCLEX

  • Make sure that you have all necessary documents and identification for the exam.
  • Visit the building and the exact room where you will be taking the exam at least a day before.
  • Try locating the nearest restroom to your assigned testing room.
  • Get enough rest and sleep.
  • Avoid food that may make you feel sick (i.e. dairy products, fatty food).
  • If you live far away from the testing center, ensure you will be able to get there on time, or else make arrangements for a place to stay close to the testing center the day before the exam.
  • Make a final sweep of basic topics expected on the exam. This is just an overview of everything you’ve prepared for. No cramming of too much information. You should’ve been able to tackle all subject matters by this time.

The Night before Exam Day

  • Do not stay up late for last minute cramming on the night before the NCLEX. Sleep early and get enough rest so that you’ll be refreshed and alert for the exam the following day.
  • Don't consume alcohol, you want to be as clear-headed as possible on the day of the exam. Avoid anything that will get you stressed or wound up. Focus on yourself and on being ready.
  • Eat a good meal and relax, it's almost over. 

    If you’ve thought of everything down to last minute preparations for the NCLEX, breathe easy because you’re going to sail through this test.