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Becoming a nurse, whether a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practice or vocational nurse (LPN or LVN) is an exciting thing! Every day of the year there are candidates all over the United States preparing to take the Board exams to prove that they are competent to care for the broken bodies and souls that walk into our hospitals and health care facilities. It is indeed a noble and wonderful profession.

Some Important Preparation Details You Should Not Forget

Last minute preparation for the NCLEX does not necessarily translate to last minute cramming. In fact, if you’re prepared for the NCLEX, then you shouldn’t be cramming at all.

You’ve been studying and applying nursing concepts and principles for several years. You’ve been reviewing for several months. You’ve followed study guides and tips. You’ve thoroughly practiced and you’re prepared. Or are you?

Checklist: Have You Accomplished the Following?

Don’ts When Taking the NCLEX: What You Should Pass Up to Pass

While there are a lot of dos to prepare for the NCLEX, there are also a lot of don’ts when taking the NCLEX. The following are the common hazards you should be avoiding when you’re getting ready for the NCLEX.

Avoid the Extremes: Overconfidence or Total Lack of It

You’re thinking, “I’ve been taking nursing for years. I’ve applied all the concepts. I’ve handled patients. I know this already. I don’t need to review.

Best Tips in Preparing for the NCLEX

Breathe. You’ll be All Right

With just a few months or weeks away, you may want to learn the best tips in preparing for the NCLEX before you start panicking. The National Council Licensure Exam is the definite test for all nursing graduates. You know that you have to pass it to get your license and become a qualified entry-level nurse. This idea alone is enough to make you feel anxious.

Do not panic. While there’s still time, this is what you can do:

The Best Ways to Review What You Learned

Passing the NCLEX with Flying Colors

After years of studying nursing, you’ve always dreamed of passing the NCLEX with flying colors. This exam is the culminating event of your studies and, once passed, the beginning of your much awaited nursing practice.

When Preparing for the NCLEX

It is all about preparation. If you’re prepared, you’ll be confident taking the NCLEX. Make sure you’re ready in every aspect.

How to Effectively Answer NCLEX Questions

To move to the next level of your nursing profession, you should know how to effectively answer the NCLEX questions. Without passing the NCLEX, you won’t receive that prized license that determines if you can safely and efficiently practice as an entry-level nurse.

The first step in preparing yourself for the exam is to know what kind of questions to expect.

Are You Ready for the NCLEX?

Toward the end of your nursing course and after years of theories and application, there is one question you have to ask yourself: Are you ready for the NCLEX? The NCLEX is the ultimate test that you have to pass in order to determine if you are indeed prepared to practice entry-level nursing.

Are You Eligible to Take the NCLEX?

Even though you have been preparing for NCLEX since the first day you entered school to study nursing, you will probably need months to review everything you learned and applied.

Overcoming Your Fear of Taking the NCLEX

Have you thought that overcoming your fear of taking the NCLEX will ever be an issue? Why should you be anxious, right? You’ve studied and applied nursing for several years. You have years of experience as a nursing student. Student: that’s the operative word. Why could you possibly dread taking the NCLEX? Because it is the one exam that can make or break you.

Don’t panic. Anxiety is a common emotion in cases like these. Here are a few tips in studying, relaxing and preparing for the NCLEX.

When Reviewing for the NCLEX

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